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Krilling me softly?

Krill is a rich source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids which are under development in the early 21st century as human food, dietary supplements as oil capsules, livestock food, and more recently, pet food.

In addition to its nutrient content, another key health benefit of krill is that it is low down on the food chain and eats algae as its food source, so krill is virtually free of pollutants and heavy metals.

Thanks to millions of years of evolution, krill’s bio-active components and molecules have sustained nature’s diverse species in, and out, of the ocean.

Because krill is a superior source of omega-3s, krill might be the answer to the growing awareness of, and demand for marine omega-3s for both pets and humans.

Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA can be consumed in either the triglyceride form, typically found in traditional omega-3 sources, or in the phospholipid form delivered by krill. Phospholipid-bound omega-3s are more efficiently incorporated into the body’s cells, tissues, and organs.

Another distinguishing benefit: omega-3 phospholipids are water soluble, making them gentle on pets’ stomachs and readily absorbed by their body.

Even if there was no ongoing debate about the benefits and healthiness of marine foods, the question remains: is it safe for a dog or cat to eat fish, shrimp, or any other type of seafood?

As a species cats are renowned for their appetite for fish, with moist cats also finding shellfish to be especially palatable. There is also the added bonus that it has every essential nutrient that your little feline needs.

Regarding dogs, the short answer is that they can eat some types of seafood, but it all depends on the species, and the method of preparation. Somewhat unsurprisingly, dogs do best with fish such as sardines, pilchards and herring.

Whereas clams, shellfish, shrimps and other aquatic critters usually come with a set of warnings before serving.

To read more about krill in petfood, follow this LINK.

Header image courtesy of Flickr User Beatnik Photos under license Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)



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