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Lenda’s impact on petfood

Lenda’s impact on petfood
Lenda - Leaving an impact on Pet Food

In an age when the word “dog” has become fashionable, it is easy to conclude that the pet industry, and everything around it, is booming.

There are many brands of food, toys and accessories for pets that are launched on the market daily, but entering a booming sector is not enough to succeed, differentiation is the key to being able to compete.

Lenda, based in Galicia (Spain) took its first steps in 2016 and, less than 5 years later, is a benchmark brand in the natural food market for dogs and cats in Spain, being at the top of the rankings of brands that are highly valued by their dog, cat and, by default, human customers.

In 2020, Lenda’s growth was 40 percent, highlighting the 144 percent increase in the largest chain specialised in pets in the country. In addition, since 2019 Lenda jumped into the international market, currently being present in 21 countries worldwide.

Lenda Pet Food has 5 different ranges, thus covering the needs of pets and the market. All this with the best quality at the best price, the biggest ‘claim’ of the brand.

The Lenda range is its flagship, a product made with 100 percent natural ingredients suitable for human consumption, which falls within the so-called ‘Super Premium’ brands. Thanks to its packages of medicinal herbs, chondroprotectors, MSM, Lenda not only takes care of the diet of your dog or cat, but also cares about their intestinal, joint and immune health, preventing and extending the life of pets.

It should be noted Lenda Vet Nature, a range that the Galician company has launched to complete its offer and give a twist to what already exists on the market. Sold solely and exclusively in veterinary clinics, since it requires a prescription, Lenda Vet Nature is made with natural ingredients and does not use preservatives or chemically synthesised dyes.

Its 7 references cover 16 of the 20 nutritional objectives and its novelty is that they not only deal with the pathology of the pet, but also add bio-functional nuclei (prebiotics and probiotics), functional and packs of medicinal herbs that deal with of the animal’s diet, its joint and gastrointestinal health.

To complete these two ranges, Lenda offers a Premium range, L-Unico, also made with natural ingredients and with a high percentage of meats. Once again, recipes enriched with medicinal herbs.

Finally, SuperPepe comes to cover the Premium and Economy range, to complete a portfolio of food for dogs and cats that covers all the needs of the market.

In addition, Lenda is a committed company that strives to make its mark and contribute to a slightly better world. For this reason, the recipes are made with local products to reduce the carbon footprint, it is renovating all its packaging so that they are all recyclable and the merchandising is “ECOfriendly”. The company’s social commitment goes through supporting associations and animal protectors, has a Social Responsibility plan, supports minority athletes and collaborates with the UNHCR association, in addition to having a Labor Equality Plan.

In short, in a short time Lenda has become a benchmark in the sector, thus taking care of those who take care of us, our pets.

For more information on Lenda visit their website, HERE.


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