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PawCo ships first batch of dog food formulated with plant-based meat

Plant-based petfood producer PawCo Foods recently announced the launch of their proprietary plant-based petfood and shipped their first batch of orders, as of August 3, 2022.

The company, which is aiming to “remove animals from the petfood chain” was founded by a former ImpossibleFoods employee, Dr Mahsa Vazin, and is backed by a team of scientists and board certified animal nutritionists. According to PawCo, they have invented the world’s first fully plant-based meat specially designed for petfoods.

“As a scientist, I couldn’t stand seeing Paco, my beloved dog, eating unhealthy food every day,” explains Dr Vazin, founder and CEO of PawCo. “That’s why I founded PawCo Foods – to change how our pets eat on a daily basis and make the world a greener place. I’m now dedicated to helping all of our furry friends out there to live a happy, healthy and joyful life.”

Dr Mahsa Vazin. Image credit: PawCo

The company says its plant-based meat is just as tasty as traditional meat while providing all the essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals which are necessary for dogs. It adds that traditional dog foods containing meat have been “linked to numerous health issues”, citing cancer, allergies and gastrointestinal distress.

The other side of creating plant-based meat is the sustainability aspect: by providing dogs with a source of food just as nutritionally beneficial as traditional meat sources, it decreases the need for farming of animals for meat and reduces the impact of petfood manufacturing.

When signing up, customers are given the opportunity to answer questions about their dog, select a preferred vegan recipe and choose a subscription plan. Based on the selections made, the customer will continue to receive deliveries of complete vegan dog meals from PawCo.

The company raised their seed round earlier this year whilst the team has been working on the plant-based meat. Their first plant-based recipe was publicly launched as of August 3 and they are accepting orders for new customers. To find out more about that click, HERE.

For more information on PawCo visit their website, HERE.



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