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Pegasus® Batch Mixer

The Pegasus® Batch Mixer is a multifunctional mixer, suitable for almost any type of powder, grain, or free-flowing dry product. This compact double-axis mixer provides a homogeneous mixture quickly and effectively, without product damage.

The Pegasus® Batch Mixer enables ultra-fast homogeneous mixing of products with different mass and composition. Dinnissen designed, tested and developed the Pegasus® Batch Mixer entirely in-house. The paddles and the mixing chamber are designed to minimise product damage and ensure optimal product mixing. Four or two hatches on the side of the machine (depending on the size of the mixer) ensure easy and hygienic cleaning of the system.

  • Capable of combining products of different mass and composition
  • Suitable for fragile products
  • Fit for spraying liquids
  • A homogeneous mixture within 20 to 50 seconds, VC < 5


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