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Pet Food Institute reveals key nutrients in cats’ diets

The Pet Food Institute (PFI) launched a new series of interactive infographics showing the ways that key nutrients found in a complete and balanced cat food recipe help pets.

New web resource, ‘Nutrition from Whisker to Paw’, provides fast facts about the essential nutrition that fuels cats’ growth and supports their bodily functions, as well as non-essential nutrients that can also serve important functions. 

This marks the second resource examining the unique nutritional needs of pets that PFI has released. In 2017, PFI released ‘Nutrition from Nose to Tail’, which demonstrates the value of complete and balanced nutrition for dogs and how it supports their well-being.

“U.S. pet food makers work to ensure every meal has the nutrition that your cat needs,” said Dana Brooks, president and CEO of PFI. “The new ‘Nutrition from Whisker to Paw’ resource highlights the science behind a pet’s diet and why their nutrition matters.”

 A complete and balanced pet food recipe contains more than 40 nutrients identified by veterinary researchers and nutritionists as essential to supporting a healthy pet, in particular vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and protein and amino acids. The Association of American Feed Control Officials sets the nutritional profiles for dogs and cats, which forms the basis for complete and balanced.
‘Nutrition from Whisker to Paw’ shows some of the key functions of the essential nutrients in a cat’s diet. For example, supporting healthy vision, providing energy and promoting muscle development and maintenance. This new resource also examines other important non-essential nutrients, such as carbohydrates. 

“This new resource will help pet lovers see the nutrition in a pet food recipe in action,” Brooks said. “Whether you are feeding a growing kitten or a playful adult cat, their diet plays a key role in supporting a long and healthy life.”

For more information, visit Pet Food Institute’s website, HERE.



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