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Pet food packaging: all the solutions


In the field of petfood packaging, a product’s quality is often judged by the aesthetics of its packaging. The visual appeal of the bags thus becomes essential for drawing the consumer’s attention.

Dry petfood packaging can be carried out using:

  • an open mouth bagging machine
  • a vertical packaging machine
  • a big bag packaging machine

Pet food packaging machines

The ideal packaging machine depends on:

  • the bag type
  • the bag size
  • the production requirements (capacity and speed)

Automatic open-mouth bagging machines are used for packaging petfood in medium or large bags.

The IABA series is designed for medium production capacities with bags of 5 to 30 kg, and consists of:

  • IABA 600 S: up to 10 BPM
  • IABA 800 S: up to 15 BPM
  • UNIVERSAL 1200: up to 20 BPM. Ideal for medium to high production capacities. featuring high packaging speeds and a wide range of packable formats.
  • IABA 600 D: up to 30 BPM. Automatic bagging machine with double filling station. Ideal for high production capacities.

These bagging machines can fill flat or folding preformed bags.

The MF Pouch 3000 bagging machine is used for:

  • High production capacities
  • High levels of flexibility in terms of bag type and size
  • Small sizes (from 300 grams to 5 kilograms)

The MF Pouch 3000 is recommended for those with particular packaging aesthetic requirements. The bags can be of different types, with various closures, and can be graphically customised.

Semi-automatic big bag bagging machine

The semi-automatic big bag bagging machine is used for sizes ranging from 500 to 2000 kilograms. It can be equipped with a net weight or gross weight scale. The net weight MF Big Bag PN Pet Food bagging machine is ideal for medium to high production capacities, and the gross weight MF Big Bag PL bagging machine is ideal for medium production capacities.

Complete petfood packaging systems

In many cases, the market demands aren’t limited to a packaging system alone. MF TECNO offers comprehensive petfood packaging systems.

Our product range includes conveyor systems, scales, bagging machines, palletisers, and wrapping machines.

The shrink wrappers and boxing machines fall within the category of secondary packaging systems.

The following image shows a complete 20 BPM system with 10 kilogram bags, consisting of:

  • A Tipping Bucket Elevator
  • An MF 54 vertical packaging machine
  • An MF PRC 1000 6-Column Palletiser
  • An MF WRAP 35 rotating platform wrapping machine

For more information on MF Tecno visit their website, HERE.


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