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Scoular’s new facility to meet growing demand for fishmeal ingredients

Scoular, a large-scale grain ingredient supplier for a number of industries including human food, petfood and animal feed, has opened a new fishmeal facility based in Myanmar.

The facility will be operating to provide high-quality, consistent product to be shipped to Asian feed markets. This comes after the release of Scoular’s product, Encompass, to meet the demands of its growing fishmeal business, utilising a range of marine meals. Other products in Scoular’s portfolio to serve the petfood industry include Emerge, as an environmentally friendly and palatable ingredient.

At the time of Encompass’ launch, Scoular said in a press release, “Growth in the aquaculture and petfood industries has increased the demand for fishmeal, which delivers highly digestible protein and valuable omega-3s.”

The facility is key to Scoular’s expansion into the Asian-Pacific region. Adrian Gasparian, Managing Director for Asia-Pacific, explained: “We are excited to expand Scoular’s world-class fishmeal operations with an additional investment in Asia. The facility further expands Scoular’s supply of fishmeal and our ability to produce and deliver high-quality ingredients to our customer around the region.”

As a key part in Scoular’s growing presence in Asia, the facility joins an expanded regional headquarters in Singapore, soybean cleaning and distribution operations in Indonesia, and feedstuffs and grain distribution operations in Indonesia and Myanmar, making the company one of the largest distributors of feedstuffs in both of these countries.

For more information on Scoular visit their website, HERE.

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