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trū® Shrimp enters the pet food and treat market

The trū® Shrimp Companies, Inc. announced today that its trū® Protein branded line of pet food and treat ingredients is now available. trū Protein is a high protein, low fat pet food and treat ingredient with a one-word ingredient statement: shrimp.

tru shrimp
Image courtesy of Flickr user Rahrahmaybe under license CC by 2.0

It delivers superior nutritional values for companion animals, and offers a desirable and authentic taste of shrimp. “trū Protein has always been part of our business plan,” states Michael Ziebell, President & CEO of The trū Shrimp Companies, Inc. “It joins our consumer trū® Shrimp and medical application trū® Chitosan for a complete and sustainable utilisation of every single part of our shrimp.

“trū Protein is a product of the United States and we not only provide a Certificate of Analysis, but a Certificate of Origin detailing the chain of custody.”

“trū Protein is an ingredient I and the industry have been seeking for years,” stated Charlie Bachkora, President of JAC Pet Nutrition. “The owners of pets are just as conscious of what they are feeding their pets as what they are eating themselves.

“High protein and extremely low fat, in combination with authentic shrimp flavor, opens the opportunity of shrimp flavored dog and cat food toppers and treats. I am excited to be one of the first companies to include it in our new Superfood Crumbles line of Dog and Cat Food Toppers.”

Ben Swanson, Scientist of Food & Nutrition with The Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI), said, “trū Shrimp’s pet ingredient line offers pet food and treat manufacturers an excellent source of protein that can be implemented into new and existing products.

“Having worked with the ingredient firsthand while assisting trū Shrimp’s efforts, I can say that this their ground shrimp ingredient will be a great addition to any pet food or treat company looking to satisfy their customers need for high quality protein for their pets.”

“trū Protein will afford many branded pet food groups with an additional novel protein source to include into their dog and/or cat food as well as snacks and treats,” said Brad Allen, CEO of Blue Indie Innovations. “Shrimp is the number one consumed seafood by pet parents and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be the number one seafood protein used in pet food and treats.”

trū Protein is a member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC), an organisation dedicated to creating a more sustainable pet industry. 

“One of the major points of difference with trū Protein is their affiliation with PSC. trū Protein follows a very rigid process enabling it to achieve high levels of sustainability and traceability that are second to none,” Allen added.

To learn more, visit the trū Protein website HERE.



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