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W.F. Young receives two awards from the NASC


W.F. Young, supplier of pet care and health products which includes Absorbine and The Missing Link, has received two awards at the 2022 National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) Annual Conference, the NASC Visionary Award which acknowledges the wellness company as a founding member and the Visibility Award for promotion of the NASC Quality Seal.

One of W.F. Young’s pet care products, Absorbine, targets equine healthcare and dates back to W.F. Young’s founder’s wife, Mary Ida, who made it from a blend of herbs and essential oils designed to relieve horses’ sore joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles. Today, the Absorbine has its own dedicated website supporting equine and pet care.

The NASC is a nonprofit trade organisation dedicated to protecting and enhancing the health of pets and horses throughout the US. First founded in 2001, the NASC is an industry association of stakeholders concerned with the issues surrounding supply of health supplements for animals including dogs, cats and horses.

The Annual Conference took place June 7-9 in St Louis, Missouri. The event featured networking opportunities for the attendees, sessions for science, business and marketing as well as exhibiting from sponsors, a dinner and awards gala. Audra Mulligan, Director of Regulatory Affairs and Development was present at the ceremony and accepted the awards on behalf of W.F. Young.

“We’re honoured and grateful for the NASC’s recognition, it has been a pleasure to work with them for over twenty years,” says Jaime McKinley, President of W.F. Young. “It’s important to align us with an organisation that cares about the wellness of our products as much as we do. We hope to maintain our relationship for years to come, and in that partnership, continue to assure customers that their pets receive the best quality and care.”

For more information on W.F. Young visit their website, HERE.



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