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Buhler launches single-screw extruder PolyOne

Buhler launches single-screw extruder PolyOne

Bühler has launched the multifunctional single-screw extruder PolyOne for the petfood and aqua feed industry at Victam International 2019 trade fair. At the fair, Bühler is showcasing solutions for the entire feed value chain, with a special focus on how to use digital services to make the feed industry safer, and more profitable.

Bühler has launched its new single-screw extruder PolyOne today, designed to consistently deliver high product quality for the petfood and aqua feed industries. ‘PolyOne enables our customers to maximise their productivity, and helps to prevent product recalls,’ said Christoph Naef, Head of Business Unit Nutrition at Bühler Group.

PolyOne meets highest food and feed safety standards thanks to its perfected hygienic design. It is a modular system so Bühler can adapt PolyOne to customers’ specific needs, such as higher capacities.

Kubex T: High-capacity pellet mill with full process transparency

Kubex T provides the highest process transparency thanks to an application that connects it to Bühler Insights, the pioneering cloud platform for the food and feed industry. A dashboard visualises data for customers, making their processes transparent. This allows for seamless tracking and brings production downtimes to a minimum. Algorithms and Bühler experts help millers to optimise the mill’s parameters.

With it, customers achieve higher profits and lower production costs thanks to innovations in intelligent process optimisation. Kubex T is designed for high-capacity pelleting. Customers will use up to 20 percent less energy compared to conventional pellet mills, benefit from high production capacities of up to 80 tons per hour, and a customer-driven design, all of which are the result of extensive Bühler research and development in cooperation with leading feed millers.

Bühler LumoVision: data-driven grain sorting technology for feed and food

Bühler showcases its breakthrough sorting technology for the feed industry, LumoVision. LumoVision minimises toxic contamination in maize and improves yield, by identifying and removing cancer-causing, aflatoxin-infected grains. It does this more accurately and at greater speed than any previous solution. Developed in partnership with Microsoft, LumoVision is a significant advance for the maize processing industry in its fight against toxic metabolites produced by fungal molds called mycotoxins, the most poisonous of which is aflatoxin.

The innovation can eliminate up to 90 percent of contaminated maize. “Advances in digital technology, together with our sorting, food, and feed safety expertise, make this an unrivalled system that contributes to solving a major global security challenge,” says Matt Kelly, Managing Director of Digital Technologies at Bühler.

Aflatoxin is classified as a primary human carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Approximately 500 million people worldwide are at risk of exposure to it, and it is estimated to cause up to 155,000 cases of liver cancer every year and contribute to stunting the growth of millions of children.

For more information on Buhler visit their website, HERE.


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