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Geelen Counterflow’s new product launch

At the 2019 edition of Victam International, which was held in Cologne, Germany, Geelen Counterflow announced the launch of their new product, the Counterflow Cooler Plus.
The product provides customers with the ability to avoid excessive product moisture after cooling with Evaporation Control. It allows the user to select the ideal air volume and cooling time, in order to minimise or maximise evaporation in the cooler. It also features multiple sensors for air and product temperature.

New Topdrive product distributor has the gear motor mounted outside of the cooler which lowers the risk of polluation and overheating. The short vertical drive shaft which is made from solid stainless steel, reduces the need for horizontal surfaces inside of the cooler and ensures the process is as clean as possible.

By being made from stainless steel, it has a 10 percent bigger air exhaust opening which reduces air speed and avoids product being sucked up into the air exhaust system.

The discharger of the equipment’s cooler is a Swivel Valve discharger, available in mild or stainless steel, capable of handling any size, shape and condition of food, petfood, aquafeed and feed. Its hydraulic drive with an angle encoder enables the cntrol system to automatically set product specific open and close positions.

For more information visit Geelen Counterflow’s website, HERE.



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