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PLP Systems’ pilot plant for continuous coating

PLP Systems is a leading company specialised in the research and development of machinery technology and systems for the food, petfood, aquafeed, animal feed and chemical industries.

A continuous coating test plant was developed in PLP Systems capable of reproducing the full capacity of the industry demands, to minimise the difference in results between a laboratory test compared with actual production.

This internal continuous coating test plant is used for:

  • Technological innovation of PLP and know-how to compete in the market with the application of pellet coating.
  • Creative applications available to perform testing and developing new products for pet food by coating them with powders or flakes such as spices, vegetables, cheese, flavours, nutritional agents, etc. to coat semi-moist or baked petfood.
  • Testing PLP technology before purchasing the system by testing the complete coating line

The pilot plant can be adapted for different products with a production capacity from 300kg/h to 15 ton/h, managing different densities. It is equipped with a precise gravimetric continuous dosing of the main product (croquettes) carried out by means of a weighing tape or a weighing thread. Dosing of liquids by pump and flow meter and dosing of powders by weight loss feeders.

All are controlled by the automation and proportional dosing adjusted by frequency control drives. The test plant can be integrated with 3 different PLP coating technologies:

Rotary drum

The latest development over the more traditional rotary drum, this machine is specially recommended for semi-wet products, small extruded or granulated pellets and lower production capacity. The special corrugated shape of the drum increases the rotation of the product, at the same time it protects it from damage and reduces waste inside the machine, making it a perfect machine to be used in food application or with special kibbles for petfood.

Continuous cover with double axle paddles

The most widely used machine for standard petfood production, it has received the majority of R&D improvements during the last years. There are different models that can cover all required production ranges with high liquid inclusion rates or fats.

The focus of the machine is the retention time, and this is achieved by regulations of speed independent of the axles, internal dampers and automatic check valve in the output of the product. The retention time in standard pet food production it can reach up to 200 seconds.

Mass spin coater

The compact, continuous cover is used to add micro liquids up to 1 percent. The MSC integrates a continuous precision weighing technology, based on Coriolis forces. Thanks to a nozzle, it is able to obtain a perfect homogeneity even when the inclusion rates are less than 0.1 percent.

For more information on PLP Systems visit their website, HERE.



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