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Inspired Pet Nutrition partners with Leeds Beckett

Image Credit: Eric Sonstroem on Flickr
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Inspired Pet Nutrition (IPN) have partnered with Leeds Beckett University in a new sustainability project, aimed at reducing carbon emissions throughout the entire supply chain.

During this partnership, academic experts at Leeds Beckett University will use a carbon footprint evaluation model to measure and analyse the carbon footprint produced within the supply chain, to ensure that IPN is a truly sustainable company. The project will be part-funded by the government through Innovate UK.

A two-year knowledge transfer Partnership programme(KTP) will be used, which is a tool to aid businesses to improve productivity and competitiveness via better use of knowledge, technology and skills. This programme will include an experienced graduate of Leeds Beckett University, Professor Christopher Gorse, joining IPN as a full time KTP associate during the two year project. 

A ‘Value Chain evaluation’ will advise IPN on their choice of ingredients and suppliers,  working with smaller suppliers to help them in measuring their own carbon emissions. Using data analysis, the energy usage of IPNs supply chain will be monitored and evaluated, to inform on areas that IPN need to prioritise in order to generate the biggest energy savings. 

The well-established pet food manufacturer IPN is home to some of the biggest and most sustainable pet food brands across the UK, and in November 2020, became certified as Carbon negative (the first ever major pet food manufacturer to do so). They have done so through initiatives such as planting trees, using only recyclable and compostable packaging (the first pet food company in the UK to introduce this). They also encouraged customers to track their walk/run/cycle with Strava Club, then donate a meal to an animal shelter for every mile completed, as well as growing a meadow to encourage biodiversity. They’re goal is to maintain good quality, affordable and environmentally friendly products, whilst reducing their environmental impact and progressing to becoming a net-zero carbon company.

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