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Stewart unveils exciting new range of freeze-dried treat products

Stewart, an all-natural premium pet food and treat brand owned by BrightPet Nutrition Group, announces the launch of several new freeze-dried treat products.

The brand has introduced two new products under its Treats with Benefits line: Healthy Gut and Healthy Hips. Both Stewart products include added Omega 3 fatty acids, probiotics and chondroitin, alongside other natural ingredients.

The new products debuted at SuperZoo, held August 23 – 25 in Las Vegas, USA, with the company also teasing the upcoming launch of a new treat line ‘designed to reward dogs while supporting and enhancing their physiology.’

“By more prominently focusing on product benefits rather than just the treats’ premium ingredients, our refreshed lineup better anticipates how younger, more results-driven pet parents prefer to shop,” adds Mike Sapp, president of BrightPet.

“We’ve worked hard to understand what today’s pet parents need. The Treats with Benefits line is the newest part of Stewart’s vision to provide the highest quality products without conducting exhaustive research. Customers can trust they’re getting the very best when they reach for Stewart.”

Additionally, Stewart unveiled new packaging for its single-ingredient, freeze-dried dog treats: Beef Liver, Chicken Liver, Chicken Breast and Salmon.

“We are laser-focused on developing and delivering a portfolio of purpose-driven brands that offer unique products and provide unmatched value for our customers,” says Dave Kowal, chief executive officer of BrightPet.

“The new branding and expanded portfolio of Stewart treats reinforce our commitment to providing the highest quality ingredients and products and represent the first of many exciting things to come.”

Stewart’s new Treats with Benefits formulas and single-ingredient treat package updates are available now through e-commerce and select brick-and-mortar retailers across the United States. Additional product sizes and packaging styles will launch in early October, Stewart adds.

“Today’s pet parents know exactly what they want from their pet food and treats but may not know which ingredients help best achieve that benefit,” comments Mike Schottelkotte, director of marketing at BrightPet.

“Our new Treats with Benefits line makes that choice easy, and our new packaging clearly states the intended benefit of our premium, all-natural treats, front and centre. The bold new look of these products helps them stand out even more for consumers.”

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