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Mondi’s investment to expand capacity of packaging plants


As part of a €1 billion investment programme to accelerate growth in sustainable packaging, Mondi is investing nearly EU€65 million in three consumer flexibles packaging plants in Europe, in a move to meet growing consumer demand for sustainable petfood packaging solutions.

Work has already begun at the packaging plant at Mondi Korneuburg, in Austria, which includes new, state-of-the-art machinery and equipment alongside an expanded production area. This will lead to an increase in capacity and solidify the company’s position as one of the market leaders in pre-made retort stand-up pouches for wet petfood.  

The company is also investing in advanced machinery at the plants Mondi Halle and Mondi Steinfeld in Germany, to increase production capacity of sustainable pre-made solutions for petfood. The aim is to enable future growth in this area and support customers in their switch from non-recyclable packaging to more sustainable alternatives which include mono-material recyclable stand-up pouches and paper-based pre-made bags.

“We take pride in being an innovative, agile partner for our customers. With this investment, we continue to take the lead in packaging solutions that are sustainable by design, especially in the petfood industry,” explains Dirk Gabriel, COO Consumer Flexibles at Mondi. “This investment also supports our Mondi Action Plan 2030 sustainability framework which is focused on circular driven solutions, created by empowered people taking action on climate.”

Mondi recently won the Swiss Packaging Award in recognition of their recyclable packaging, which is made of polypropylene based mono-material. Other companies are following in their stead, as Purina recently launched their ‘designed to be recycled petfood pouches’, in recognition that to further advance sustainability in the petfood sector, packaging needs to be addressed.

“With these projects, we’re increasing operational efficiency and reducing our own energy consumption while also connecting our production network,” concludes Mr Gabriel.

You can read about the Mondi story HERE, and the Purina story HERE.

For more information on Mondi visit their website, HERE.



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