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Primal Pet Foods debuts new treats for cats and dogs

Primal Petfoods has launched 15 new pet treats for cats and dogs as part of their ‘Tempting Treats’ range. The treats are made with ethically and sustainably raised proteins, sourced from farms where the health and wellbeing of animals are prioritised.

Many of the treats contain certified-organic produce and considerately sourced real food inclusions such as nutrient-rich goat milk. All treats are free from corn, wheat, soy, grains, glutens, and artificial preservatives, flavours and additives.

The range features freeze-dried treats, chewy jerky bites and puffy lung cubes to meet the varying needs of dogs and cats. The freeze-dried treats are made with ethically sourced proteins and real food inclusions such as goat milk and probiotics to support digestion and immunity.

Freeze-dried treats with goat milk. Image: Primal Pet Foods

The freeze-dried treats also come in a liver recipe, providing pets with a high protein snack with palatable liver and a crunchy texture.

The jerky treats with bone broth come in two sizes, with the smaller size perfect for training, whilst the larger size is perfect to be given for high-value rewards. They come with a chewy texture and are made with bone broth.

The range also includes dehydrated treats, which are single ingredient treats gently dehydrated to provide a puffy, “irresistible” snack.

The dehydrated treats. Image credit: Primal Pet Foods

All of the company’s petfood products are produced in temperature-controlled, certified USDA and State Department of Agriculture food manufacturing facilities.

The announcement comes shortly after the company’s voluntary recall of raw frozen patties for dogs, due to concerns over the potential contamination of Listeria monocytogenes. The company assured customers that there have been no complaints or reports of illness from pet owners who have received this lot, but that owing to routine sampling by the FDA, one positive result for Listeria monocytogenes came back. You can read about that, HERE.

For more information on Primal Pet Foods visit their website, HERE.



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