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1st Pet-Aqua Feed Production Conference Speakers

Victam and Perendale Publishers Ltd. is conducting a Pet-Aqua feed Production Conference in São Paulo Brazil during VICTAM LATAM 2023 Oct 3-5. In the two 1/2 day courses on Oct 3-4, you will hear from industry experts about Aquaculture feed and Petfood production.


Roger Gilbert

For 22 years, Mr Roger Gilbert was the Secretary General of the International Feed Industry Federation, which he co-founded in in 1987. In that time, he saw the federation rise from humble beginnings, to represent more than 85% of all compound feeds produced globally. He initiated the industry’s NGO representation with Codex Alimentarius and set up one of the first Memorandum of Understandings between an industry and the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organisation.

Today, Mr Gilbert is the publisher of International Aquafeed and Milling & Grain magazine: two international magazines translated into several languages to promote aqua and terrestrial protein production.

Joe Kearns

Joseph P. Kearns is the editor for International Petfood magazine, and a consultant in Extrusion Cooking Consulting, Animal and Aquatic Feeds. Previously he was the Vice President Aquafeed Div. for WengerManufacturing, Inc. Joe received his bachelor’s degree from Kansas State University inFood Technology Engineering. He has been employed at Wenger since 1974. He has 8 patents for Wenger all with regards to aquatic feeds and/or machinery associated with production of same. He has more than 60 published articles on aquatic feeds production advantages by extrusion cooking through trade magazines. He has presented at countless events around the world on the topic of aquatic feed production.

Fabiano Cesar SÁ

Graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the State University of Santa Catarina, UDESC/Lages. Master and Doctor in Veterinary Medicine, with a concentration area in Nutrition and food processing for dogs and cats from State University Paulista, UNESP/Jaboticabal. He wasTechnical Manager and Coordinator of the Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition ResearchLaboratory for Dogs and Cats at the same institution. Holds the title of specialist in FoodScience and Technology at the State University of Campinas, UNICAMP. He was a Post sales coordinator and specialist in the Food Extrusion Process at Wenger Manufacturing. He was LATAM regional manager for the company Symrise Pet Food. He is currently the R&D Manager at ADIMAX. His areas of interest, in these 20 years in the animal food production area are formulation, development, processing, and evaluation of petfood, as well as other areas of animal nutrition when thermal processes such as extrusion are used.

Renato Almeida

Renato is a biologist with a doctorate degree in aquaculture, and has worked in the graduation with the inclusion of live yeast in tilapia nutrition. His master’s and doctorate worked with sustainability and feed management. He currently holds the position of Aquaculture Product Manager at IMEVE, a biotechnology company focused on developing solutions for animal nutrition and health. This includes selecting and producing probiotic bacteria for aquaculture nutrition and bioremediation systems. He developed nutritional additives for larviculture, shrimp and fish farms, and through bacteria helped maintain the balance of natural microbiota. He participated in the certification process for Animal Welfare Friendly Company, where all the works presented demonstrated an improvement in the fish and shrimp cultivation conditions, thus making IMEVE the first company in aquaculture in Latin America with this certification. Nowadays he operates by taking biotechnological solutions throughout Latin America.

Dr Patricia Contente Moraes Valenti

Dr. Patricia is currently a Professor of the Aquaculture Graduate Program, at the São Paulo State University (UNESP), Aquaculture Center (CAUNESP). She is a member of the ‘Communication and media relations committee’ of the Brazilian Society of Aquaculture and Aquatic biology (AQUABIO). She is also a member of the ‘Communication and Press Committee’ of the regional council of biology of the 1st region in Brazil. She works as a researcher on the AquaVitae consortium, funded by Horizon 2020, a program of the European Union, developing innovative technology on mariculture, in integrated systems and a circular economy. She is working in projects of the sustainable aquaculture network using indicators of sustainability to assess aquaculture systems. Dr. Patricia is a former International Liason of the Brazilian society of aquaculture and aquatic biology, AQUABIO (2016-2020), and a former director of the World Aquaculture Society – WAS (2015-2018).

Thomas Runde

Thomas Runde is CEO and Sales Director of Tietjen Verfahrenstechnik GmbH since 2013. He combines a background from machine manufacturing and environmental technologies with a hands-on and result-driven approach to business and leadership. Tietjen delivered more than 2,200 projects in particle size reduction technologies worldwide to nearly all countries of the world since 1959.

Ed de Souza

Extrusion Systems Process Director. Founder & Former President of Wenger do Brazil. Member of the Brazilian College of Animal Nutrition on thePet Food committee (CBNA) since 2011. Concluded Master of Business Administration at Getulio Vargas Foundation – SP, Brazil. Graduated from Fort Hays State University, Kansas in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science Agriculture and joined Wenger Manufacturing. With 27 years of extrusion process experience, servesWenger Customers globally, assisting with process issues and providing both classroom and hands-on training regarding the latest in extrusion technology.

Keith Erdley

Keith is a graduate of Kansas State University in 1998 with a degree in general and operations management. Keith began his career at Wenger Manufacturing focusing on dryers in 2007. His focus shifted to the dryer engineering support team within a few months. He currently works as the process technologist for the Wenger Process Technology Team. Keith is responsible for new product research/testing, existing product process development, technical sales support, service, and assists with new and existing equipment and process design. He also assists clients by refining their current processes, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their equipment and production process.

Michel Bauer Pereira

Michel Bauer Pereira is the Global Application Manager for Aqua & Pet, at Andritz. He has 7 years working with the company, and if focusing currently on sizing equipment, Process evaluations and Trainings.

Living in Joinville, Brazil, Michel Graduated in Mechanical Engineering with MSc in Aeronautical Engineering. He is experienced as a project, process and field engineer; working in the food/feed industry for more than 10 years. Michel is also an Amateur marathoner.

Andre Mello

Andre Mello is the Key Account and Sales Specialist – Aqua & Pet at Andritz. He has worked with the company for 9 years, and is currently focused on Technical Sales, Technical Support to clients, sizing single equipment’s and lines, project and supports.

Mr Mello is originally from Brazil, and now lives in São Paulo State, Brazil.

He graduated in Veterinary with a specialisation in animal nutrition and focus on pet food, aquafeed, and sizing of equipment and factory projects; and also a MBA postgraduate (FGV Foundation).

Andre is experienced in technical sales, project, process and field for more then 20 years.

Marco Prati

Marco Prati is the CEO of PLP Systems, an International company based in Italy specialising in the development and production of machinery for liquid and powder handling.Marco studied Mechanical Implementation and Construction in the Province of Piacenza and then in 2003 began working for PLP Systems, a company founded in 1978 by his father.Marco began his career path in the Technical Design and Development office and was instrumental in reinventing the company with innovation and new technology. Together with the help of his experienced team, PLP were able to offer customers complete and customised solutions for the dosing, coating and weighing of both powders and liquids.Marco then transferred to the Sales office and over the past decade his work has been focused upon many areas including the creation and development of a PLP worldwide commercial network covering, in specific, Asia, South America and Europe, a project which is in continuous growth and development

Robert Strathman

Rob Strathman boasts a twenty-eight-year career dedicated to advancing pet food and aquafeed products and their associated processes. Equipped with a degree in Feed Science and Management from Kansas State University, he embarked on this dynamic journey at Wenger Mfg., where he held various technical roles in R&D and field service. Over his twelve-year tenure, he became an expert in extrusion techniques and their diverse applications. At Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Rob assumed the role of a process authority, pioneering innovative process technologies that revolutionised digitised pet food manufacturing. His expertise also extended to enhancing food safety standards in pet food factories, elevating them to food-grade establishments.Currently serving asPresident of Famsun-USA Design and Engineering, Rob Strathman continues to drive innovation.

Giuseppe Bigliani

Giuseppe R Bigliani is theDirector of Sales for the Feed Platform in Latam, of AGGrowth International-AGI, a global leader in the planning, engineering, and manufacturing of integral solutions. AGI helps clients achieve their strategic goals and the success of their business. AGI areas of experience and expertise include: Feed Manufacturing Technology, Fertilisers, Seeds, Grain Handling & Storage,Food Processes, Engineering & Design, Logistics & Plant Efficiency. Project sizes range from single equipment lines to integral solutions. Bigliani’s experience spans thirty-five years in the design, installation, operation, marketing, and administration of agribusiness projects. His focus has been on feed and food processing plants in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.He has held key positions for major American and European Companies in Engineering and Production and has published papers and publications on feed technology processes.

João Fernando Alber Koch

Animal Scientist graduated from the Federal University of Lavras in 2007, with a Master’s degree completed at UNESP Botucatu in 2009 and a Ph.D. completed at the same University with a sandwich period at Kentucky State University ended in 2013. Post-doctorate completed in the Fapesp sandwich modality at the University of São Paulo (USP) and University of Arkansas-USA. He has been working at Biorigin for seven years, two of them as a researcher at the R&D Center, and for five years, he has been a Global Aquaculture Manager.


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