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New retail partnership for Karnlea marks its 100th

Karnlea has now secured its 100th retail partner, five months after launching the UK’s first ambient bone broth for cats and dogs.

This key milestone was boosted after the acquisition of Just for Pets as a new customer in April. The company has 21 outlets across the UK and emphasises natural products and ingredients.

Karnlea has targeted independent retailers, using the expertise of shop staff to convey health benefits of their bone broth. The company’s founder Lara McCullough believes independent pet retailers are “key” to influencing, educating and informing pet owners.

“We put independents front and centre our marketing strategy,” Ms McCullough explains. “Karnlea offers something totally new and we believe they are in the unique position as trusted retailers with expertly trained teams to convey our product’s benefits and help solve customers’ pet problems like skin, coat and digestive issues.” 

Echoing her sentiments, Just for Pets Senior Merchandiser Leanne Blunn considers Karnlea the perfect fit for its stores.

“It’s great to be able to extend what we can offer our customers to assist the health and wellbeing of their pets,” she says. “With 100 percent natural ingredients, recyclable and sustainable packaging and off-the-shelf convenience, it made perfect sense for Just for Pets to showcase Karnlea to all customers, not just the one’s shopping in our raw department, so that more pets will benefit from it.”


Others backed Karnlea’s bone broth as a “must have” product, among them Sammie Hunt owner of Redpaw in Plymouth.

““There are many reasons why pet owners should have bone broth in their cupboard: to hydrate their dog or cat on a hot day or before exercise, to supplement their diets and improve joint, skin and coat conditions and to provide a gentle food should their pet suffer from digestive issues or need to recuperate from sickness,” she explains.

“I am really excited about being able to stock Karnlea,” she adds. “The quality of the ingredients and the level of nutrients make it an ideal standby and unlike similar products, it doesn’t need to be frozen.”

In addition to brick and mortar stores, Karnlea is also stocking to online retailers in particular those specialising in products that offer health benefits. This includes Enzo’s Pet Pantry, which offers holistic and nutritional pet products to owners, and is the brain child of Vaneeta Bassi, who launched the company after investigating the products for her own dog.

“As a pet owner of a dog with health issues I can personally vouch for the benefits of the product. Enzo suffers from allergies, IBD, pancreatitis and hip dysplasia and Karnlea Bone Broth is perfect for helping me in managing all of his ailments as it is great for his joints, gut, skin and coat,” she comments.

“Its versatility is amazing, it can be given as a liquid, jelly and frozen, all of which appeals to even the fussiest of eaters.  I’m grateful that I can now offer the same tried and tested benefits of Karnlea’s products to my customers,” she concludes.

The bone broth range from Karnlea was extended in June of this year with the introduction of new flavour ‘lip-licking lamb.’ More information on that can be found HERE.

For more information on Karnlea visit their website, HERE.



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